This old Toyota Starlet has lived life on and off the track

Old-school beauty at its finest
by Jason Tulio | Nov 4, 2018
Feature: Old-school Toyota Starlet

They say cats have nine lives, but we’d wager that the same idiom could also apply to old-school cars that stand the test of time. Take the Toyota Starlet, for example. The diminutive Japanese car became legend over its lifetime, and is now considered a keeper among old-school collectors.

This particular Starlet, owned by Marco Palinar, has become a legend in its own right, having lived several lives in different capacities. It was once owned by Palinar’s late friend, who had modified it for use as an autocross car. Later, Palinar bought its unused shell with the intention of turning it into a road car.

It took a while, since vintage Japanese parts aren’t exactly easy to find, but Palinar has managed to resurrect the little hatch once again. His build remains true to the Starlet’s stock essence, while adding a few touches that make it a unique creation.

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To learn more about how this Starlet went from track to road, and how it traveled the length of the country in the process, click play on the video above. It might even inspire you to start (or hell, continue) your own project car.

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