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The cars you might have missed at the 2018 Trans Sport Show

Where old school and new metal meet

Fun fact: The Trans Sport Show is older than the "Macarena" song. That bit of trivia should make you think of two things: One, that you're getting old; and two, appreciate the fact that the show has been a staple in our automotive scene for a long time. Oh, and if you don't get the reference at all, the show is probably even older than you are.

The Trans Sport Show is now in its 27th year, and once again it gave enthusiasts, shops, and aftermarket suppliers a chance to compete and showcase their latest work. This year, there were a slew of cars new and old on display. Show organizer Sophie Delos Santos explained to us that there over a hundred cars competed this year, many of which you don't normally see plying our roads. 

For example, how often do you see modified supercars? Or classic cars restored to their factory glory? Or JDM icons modified in wild but still tasteful ways? We're going to go ahead and bet that the answer is 'not very often'. 


For look at what was on display at this year's show, check out our video above. See you next year!

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