10 tips that will help you take care of your transmission

You don't want to know how much a new gearbox costs
by Drei Laurel | Feb 13, 2018

One of the things people take for granted about their car is the transmission. There are tons of ways for an inexperienced driver to mess up a car's gearbox. And often, he or she won't even be aware that a driving habit is causing added strain or even damage, until it's too late and the casa bill arrives.

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So what can you do? Well for starters, you can educate yourself. Flip through the pages of your owner's manual and read up on articles online. Our website alone has quite a number of articles regarding the topic—the dos and don'ts, maintenance, and even a couple of neat tips and tricks. If you're looking to add to what you already know about gearboxes, just click below:

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1) Should you really shift to neutral when stuck in traffic? A reader asks if he should keep shifting his automatic transmission into neutral during stop-and-go traffic. Is this practice an old wives' tale, or is there actually sense in it?

2) 5 habits that can ruin a manual transmission. Like we said, there are plenty of ways you can damage or strain transmission components without even knowing it. One good example is using your shifter as a hand rest. Read on.

3) Why is there a clunking noise when I shift from park to reverse? One thing to watch out for when it comes to your vehicle is strange noises. The earlier you catch a transmission issue, the sooner you can have it fixed.

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4) These 3 habits are ruining your car's automatic transmission. We've talked about manual transmissions already. But what about automatic ones? Here are a few bad habits you should avoid when it comes to shifting automatic transmissions.

5) Does launching from second gear hurt my car's engine? Keeping your gearbox in tip-top shape takes good timing and familiarity with each gear. Don't know what we're going on about? Then you better refer to this article.

6) What's the best way to release the clutch pedal after shifting? Here's a good one, though it has more to do with preserving your ankles than your transmission. It's definitely worth a read if you find yourself switching gears in a manual more often than you'd like.

7) Can you push an automatic transmission car out of the mud? The short answer is yes, you can push it out. "There is absolutely no difference between a car that's equipped with a manual transmission and one with an automatic transmission. They're both going to be stuck in the mud unless some outside force helps them free of their sticky situation."

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8) 5 problems that newbie manual transmission drivers can relate to. On a lighter note, take comfort in the fact that you aren't alone when it comes to getting accustomed to a manual transmission. Chances are there are plenty of drivers who experience these instances, too.

9) What's rev-matching and why should you do it? Rev-matching is a skill every experienced driver knows by heart. Don't know what this is or how to perform it? Then you better read this article. "With practice, you'll know instinctively when to time your downshifts according to the revs and road speed."

10) How to tackle steep slopes when driving a manual transmission car. If you own a manual car and often traverse areas like Baguio City and Tagaytay, you know how burdensome driving up steep inclines can be. Well, this is at least if you're not doing it right.


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