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There's a 300hp Japanese hot hatch waiting in your garage, with a full tank of gas and no destination. Of course, with a car like the Honda Civic Type R, a destination is somewhat irrelevant. You can go to a convenience store to buy shampoo and the chore would be exciting.

But having already done the required review, we wanted to take Honda's red-badged wonder somewhere special, something that follows the Japan theme of the Type R (even though it is built in Honda's UK factory). And when it comes to Japanese activities, there is nothing we like more than eating ramen.

And when it comes to ramen, we go to the best: Ramen Yushoken in Alabang. From my residence in Pasig, it would be a nice drive down south, exit to Alabang, and go to the Molito complex where the best ramen in the city is located. Yes Yushoken has branches in Makati and Taguig, the Mendokoro ramen bars, but we didn't want to line up and there was no Skyway to enjoy going there.

If we owned a Type R we would do this every week, maybe even go up to Tagaytay for a longer drive.

Nonetheless, it was a perfect day with a perfectly Japanese car, and superb food to cap the trip.

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