Video: A Ferrari F40 takes an alpine camping trip

Snow chains, spotlights and oversteer
by Ollie Kew | Apr 2, 2016

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There's no need for a big setup on this one. Here is a Ferrari F40, arguably the Italian carmaker's lairiest, scariest and greatest creation, wearing snow chains on the rear tires and rally spotlights on the nose. And this is what happens when a willing and suitably handy driver Takeshi Kimura applies said winterized Ferrari to an alpine wonderland for a camping holiday.

We can’t really offer you much more explanation than that. What justification do you need to see one of the most iconic supercars being drifted around like a demonic rally car? It’s Tax The Rich meets Cub Scouts, and we salute you, Kimura-san.

Enjoy the video!

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