Watch: The all-new Mazda 3 is a sight to behold

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
by Jason Tulio | Oct 6, 2019

Perception is reality, right? Well, that saying certainly applies when you’re talking about the all-new Mazda 3

You see, its design is...well, designed, to let your eyes and brain do the work when it comes to visualizing the car. The all-new sedan and hatchback are lined with reflective panels in lieu of conventional character lines. Depending on where you and the car are standing, its look can change in an instant. It’s like you’re driving a new car each time you glance at it. Fascinating.

And that’s not even including the way it drives. Mazda maintains its emphasis on the driver experience, and you can certainly feel that with the way the car handles. It’s part compact sedan, part grand tourer—something that feels equally comfortable plying tight Asian roads and cruising at comfortably quick speeds over a long distance. 

In this video review, we take the compact sedan and hatchback out for a quick spin to find out how it improves on a winning formula. To find out more, click play on the video above. 

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