Video: Mercedes-Benz uses Iron Mountain to test its G-Class SUV

Makes Land Rover\'s Terrapod look puny
Jul 24, 2013


If you went to the Manila International Auto Show a couple of years ago, you probably saw Land Rover Philippines\' Terrapod in the gravel area right in front of the World Trade Center. The Terrapod was basically a man-made obstacle course that made use of steel structures to display the capabilities of Land Rover\'s line of vehicles.

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Well, it seems Mercedes-Benz has something similar that will make the Terrapod look puny by comparison.

We\'re talking about the Iron Mountain, which replicates a mountain near the German carmaker\'s plant in Graz, Austria, where its G-Class SUV \"is tested all year round.\"

Officially known as the \"G-Class Vertical Experience,\" this theme park-like ride lets the G-Class passengers climb 10m up the structure and tackle a midair seesaw before experiencing a 45-degree descent back down to earth.

Do you think local Mercedes-Benz distributor CATS Motors should do something similar for its clientele?

Check out the videos below to see the Iron Mountain being driven on.


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