Video: Watch Chevrolet Corvette's vigilant valet mode in action

We can only wish our econoboxes had this
Oct 17, 2014
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Video: Watch the Corvette's Valet mode in action

In August, we reported that the all-new Chevrolet Corvette has a valet mode that the vehicle's owner can use to protect his/her vehicle from reckless or flat-out nefarious parking valets.

The valet mode works upon activation by the vehicle owner using a four-digit code entered on the vehicle's settings menu. Upon activation, the Corvette's glove box and storage bin behind the center stack display are locked; the infotainment system is disabled; and the high-definition video, audio and data recorders are activated. Once the vehicle owner retrieves his/her Corvette, he/she can then view everything on the car's eight-inch color touchscreen.

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Chevrolet has released a video of the Corvette's valet mode at work, featuring a parody of the types of valet drivers you'll encounter. Of course, at the end of the video, the American carmaker reminds us that the valet mode and the performance data recorder is "not available on any other performance car."


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