The all-new Volkswagen Golf GTS is why you should appreciate wagons

Comfortable and exciting
by Drei Laurel | Jul 5, 2017

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They're both practical and stylish, offer motorists a ton of space out back, and can be pretty sporty rides, too. It's really a wonder to us why wagons aren't as well-appreciated here in the Philippines as they are in other countries—a shame, even.

Case in point: the all-new Volkswagen Golf GTS wagon. The German carmaker recently brought the vehicle into the local market, and we were immediately infatuated by it. You can blame it on the stylish European exterior looks, top-notch materials and trim inside, a pretty comfortable cabin and cozy vibe, and some really solid cruising ability.

If you ask us, this car was just begging for a road trip, which is why we brought it all the way to Real, Quezon, for this month's cover shoot. Impressions from the drive? Let's just say we're all aboard the bandwagon.

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Not yet enamored of the Golf GTS? Just watch the short video embedded above. Alternatively, you can also grab a copy of our July 2017 issue.


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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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