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Owing to its days as an automotive counterculture icon, the Volkswagen Kombi has become one of the most easily recognizable vehicles on the planet. The '60s minibus has been featured on mugs, magnets, in countless movies, and just about every other medium you can come to think of. Needless to say, the humble van's been ingrained in pop culture.

Now, fans of the German brand and vehicle can proudly park the retro ride right inside their home kitchen, albeit in the form of Gorenje's Special Edition Volkswagen Kombi freestanding refrigerator.

The officially licensed Volkswagen product combines the Kombi's iconic design with modern refrigeration technology such as humidity control, IonAir cooling, excellent thermal insulation, and LED lighting. The one-door fridge is available in a burgundy or baby blue paint job, and is sure to fit in with any retro-inspired kitchen décor. That is, if you don't decide to build your entire kitchen around this baby.

Smooth, rounded edges, a premium trim, and that unmistakable Volkswagen design—it might just be a ref, but it's a very damn good-looking one. At the very least, this thing's as decent a conversation starter as they come. At most, it could be the pride and joy of your home kitchen.

Press play on the video above to see more of this fridge. Now, we feel painting parking lines onto your kitchen floor might be completely unnecessary. But if you want to go for the complete package, then whatever floats your boat.


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