Walang forever: 5 stages of letting go of your first car

Because replacing it is one tough ordeal
by Drei Laurel | Jun 25, 2015

Stages of letting go of your car

Your first car will almost always be the most memorable one--replacing it is one of the toughest and most emotional ordeals any car owner will have to experience. Here are the five stages of moving on from your first beloved ride.

Stage 1: Denial. The air-conditioner gives in for the third time today. "Hindi bale nang mainit, basta umaandar baby ko," you tell yourself as you frustratingly wipe the sweat from your brow. Only your baby no longer gets you from point A to B--at least not without a couple of thousand pesos' worth of monthly repairs in between. You assure yourself it's okay. A few letdowns here and there, but it's gotten you this far, hasn't it? Only deep down, you know this just isn't the case anymore.

Stage 2: Anger. You're late for work--again. If your car isn't dying on you in the middle of EDSA, it's taking all morning to start. Your boss is fed up of hearing about your car whenever you clock in half an hour past 10, and frankly, so are you. You're tired and you just want to get home, but even that's a stretch considering your ride is dying on you three blocks from your house. You step out and slam the door in frustration. "Boss, pwede patulong? Patulak lang hanggang kanto."

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Stage 3: Acceptance. You throw away the new repair bill along with the nearly dozen or more you've racked up over the past few months. You pick up your copy of Top Gear Philippines and quickly scan through it, eventually ending up in the buyer's guide section at the back. You know it's over. You can't expect your boss to keep tolerating your tardiness, and you can't afford to keep paying for repairs. Your car is done and you know it.

Stage 4: Mushiness. So you've picked out a new car, and you're just working out all the finances. You remember the day you had finally fully paid off your first car a few years ago. You tell your friends the news, and they all want to take your ride for one last night out on a spin, just like before. You're pulling into the drive-thru after the joyride when 'See You Again' from Fast & Furious 7 starts playing on the radio. You notice your car hasn't died on you tonight--not once. You smile as you drive off into the night with this aging machine, one last time.

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Stage 5: Release. So you've managed to find a buyer or a relative willing to take your car off your hands, despite its age and numerous repairs. You hand over the keys. Maybe you get a little emotional while you're at it. You think about how you aren't going to be late for work anymore, and how you won't have a stack of repair bills eating up a quarter of your desk. You know that in spite of the obvious upside, things just aren't going to be the same as with your first ride.

Artwork by Marilag Bienvenido

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