Best of YouTube: The manual Honda Civic is what dreams are made of

Oh, how we wish this was available here
by Lije Martin | Nov 15, 2019

Would you want a manual 2020 Honda Civic in the Philippines?

Aside from the Honda Civic Type R, Honda has made this Honda Civic Sport edition available with a manual transmission. Would you want this trim here in the Philippines?

Check out this ridiculous jet-powered Amish buggy

These guys live in the Amish capital of the world, so when one of them ordered a jet engine online, they figured it would go best on an old buggy. “What’s more nostalgic than an Amish buggy? We go way back,” said the two guys after bringing their jet-powered buggy to Nostalgic Race Weekend. They call this head-turning creation the ‘Thunder Buggy.’

This isn’t your usual Mazda RX-7 video

This guy showed up to SEMA back in 2016 with a concept showing a four-rotor rotary engine setup that powers all four wheels. After three years of building, here he is again but with the actual setup this time. This goes to show how passionate car guys can be. Much respect.

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What NOT to do when trying to make your wheels fit

Aftermarket wheels do so much to personalize the look of your car. However, most enthusiasts don’t just slap them on by swapping out the stock ones. Special measures have to be taken to make sure they not only fit right to look good and perform well, but to also stay safe while on the road. Here are the things you shouldn’t do when trying to make your aftermarket wheels fit.

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What do you think of this turbo Toyota Supra?

The 2020 Toyota Supra already has some impressive performance numbers on the chart. Add an upgraded turbo, and you’ve got something even supercars might be hesitant to race.

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