Best of YouTube: This is why bridges have weight limits

This is stressful to watch
by Drei Laurel | Nov 2, 2018
PHOTO: Viral Hog

There’s a reason bridges have weight limits

Who would’ve thought that buses and trucks can’t pass bridges meant for conventional vehicles? On a more serious note, watching this video will make you sweat bullets.

How to install an electric car charger

Electric vehicles—with their quiet drive, modern looks, and tree-hugging powertrains—are neat and all, but owning one comes with its own set of headaches. The first of which is installing a charger. Apparently, saving the environment via car still takes work.

The ‘Hoonitruck’ lives

There’s no denying that Ken Block has one of the most impressive vehicular arsenals on the planet. He wouldn’t have drifted his way into viral fame otherwise. The latest addition to his garage? A drift-ready 1977 Ford F-150 packing a 914hp V6 engine from a Ford GT. Crazy.

We never get tired of these videos

There’s just something about people being reunited with rides from the yesteryears that brings a tear to our eyes. This clip will have you reaching for a tissue at the 6:40 mark.

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Say hello to the ‘Trucktopus’

This eight-wheel, 21-foot-long slammed 1989 Isuzu LS is one of the most insane builds we’ve ever laid eyes upon. It flaunts 20-inch wheels, is powered by a V8 engine, and took more than two decades to build. Impressive stuff.

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PHOTO: Viral Hog
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