Best of YouTube: This widebody Civic EG hatch is a daily driver

Yes, it can handle humps
by Lije Martin | May 15, 2019
PHOTO: Roads Untraveled

A daily-driven, battle-ready Civic

This is a Honda Civic EG with a Pandem widebody kit, packing a B16C1 engine taken from an Integra GS-R. Unlike other cars with this type of aero, this ’90s legend is driven daily, has its maintenance in order, and was partially built at home.

Two Supras are always better than one

A pair of nearly identical MK4 Supras cause goosebumps cruising down Australia’s side streets. These two manage to look good without ever needing to overshadow one another.

Putting over 160,000km on a Ferrari

In the Philippines, you only ever see supercars on weekends, either parked as a group or racking up kilometers on an open highway. Most people know very little about what it takes to own one. Here’s a brief look into the exclusive world of supercar ownership. 

As timeless as SUVs come

Range Rovers have been in the market for a very long time. But how did these ‘sleek, brooding icons of luxury’ first become a top choice for those who can afford them? Donut Media explains.

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10 minutes of rotary goodness

You a car nut? Good. Take a break, put on your headphones, turn your volume up, and bask in 10 minutes of pure brap, brap, brap rotary bliss. Who needs an afternoon cup of coffee when you can enjoy the pops and revs of a three-rotor FD RX-7 instead, right?

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PHOTO: Roads Untraveled
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