The new Tamiya ‘Dyipne’ debuts with a shiny metallic finish

This comes a year after Tamiya released the first jeepney Mini 4WD
PHOTO: The Brickyard on Facebook

Remember the Tamiya jeepney? Of course you do.

It’s hard to forget how the company behind the world-famous battery-powered Mini 4WDs took notice of the iconic Philippine PUV and turned it into a real, functional Tamiya. It built up quite the hype at the time, and even we were caught in up in all of it. So much so that even our very own Jason Tulio tried building one himself. To cut the long story short, that was a lot of fun.

But why are we taking a trip down memory lane all of a sudden? Well, The Brickyard has just launched another new Tamiya jeepney, and just like last year, we’re all for it.

Feast your eyes on the new Dyipne Silver Metallic, another special edition 1/32 scale replica of the legendary ‘hari ng kalsada.’ As its name suggests, it’s a far cry from the first Dyipne in terms of its appearance.

There aren’t many details or photos to go by here, but it’s clear that this new Tamiya jeepney features a glossy and metallic exterior with blue and yellow decals all around. There’s an indicated route on the side (Makati-Mandaluyong-Quezon City) and a license plate that reads ‘BY2020’ mounted up front. There’s also a couple of what seem to be glass stallions mounted on the hood—that’s some real traditional jeepney goodness right there.

As of this writing, the Dyipne Silver Metallic is already available at all Lil’s Hobby Center and The Brickyard stores for P850. In case there’s none such store located near you—or maybe you simply choose to stay indoors due to the pandemic—then you can opt to order it online instead.

What do you think of the newest Tamiya jeepney? Would you take this over the red one?

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PHOTO: The Brickyard on Facebook
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