Can using car perfume damage your interior?

Has this happened to you?
by Drei Laurel | Feb 9, 2018

Who doesn't want their car to smell good? But would you risk damaging your trim to keep your cabin's aroma appealing?

Apparently, this is what happened to Twitter user @rick_velasquez, who tagged us in photos of his vehicle's messed up interior. The suspected culprit? His bottle of car perfume.

As you can see in the photos below, the plastic trim surrounding his car's A/C vent is discolored and damaged. His perfume bottle is also damaged, and appears to have either leaked, melted, or maybe even both. We've reached out for clarification, but that's not a good look either way. Now we know the damage is small, but if you truly love your car, even the tiniest sign of harm will bug you to no end.

According to our in-house car care expert Manskee Nascimento, this could have come from either the leaked perfume or melted plastic. He shared that he's experienced the same incident before, and suggests sticking with non-liquid air fresheners and to avoid parking under direct sunlight.

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Manskee says the best thing you can do on your own is to apply a trim restorer product to make it less obvious, or replace the fxture completely if it can be removed.

Have any of you guys experienced something similar?


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PHOTO: Rick Velasquez
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