Use these exercise tips to survive your next long drive

Get fit for your road trip
by Jason Tulio | Jul 3, 2018

Elite racecar drivers are fit athletes. They need to be able to manage all that adrenaline and g-force on the track. But being in shape is not only beneficial to these motorsports idols, but also to regular motorists like you to help you survive long drives on public roads.

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Fitness coach Eric Verdolaga says that maintaining a regular workout routine can help you stay mentally sharp on road trips. He advises getting some exercise in whenever you take a break from driving. 

Verdolaga explains: "Whenever you get to a rest stop, get out of the car and do a bit of walking to promote blood flow. You may also want to raise your hands, clenching them into a fist, and then opening them again repeatedly to further increase blood circulation. Afterwards, stretch your neck, arms, back, and legs. This will keep them fresh and alleviate the discomfort caused by fatigue." 

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But if you're the type who regularly goes on long drives, you'll need to do more than just stretching at gas stations. Verdolaga recommends the following as a sample workout to keep you fit for the road. They probably won't hurt your chances of having a beach-ready bod, either. 

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Station 1

a) 15 repetitions (or reps) per side of dumbbell woodchop, or 15 reps of bench tricep dips

b) 15 reps per side of reverse lunge with dumbbells, or 20 reps per side of bodyweight reverse lunge

c) 15 reps of glute bridge (hold for three seconds at the top before going down)


Station 2

a) 15 reps of push-ups

b) 20 reps of bodyweight squats

c) 15 reps per side of high plank with alternating shoulder taps


Station 3 - AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

a) 10 reps of Russian kettlebell swings or burpees

b) 10 reps of bodyweight squat jumps

c) 20 reps of mountain climbers

To do the workout, Verdolaga advises that you proceed through Stations 1, 2, and 3, in order. Finish exercises A, B, and C for Station 1 one after the other, then repeat the sequence twice before moving on to Station 2. For Station 3, do as many repetitions as you can of the exercises in order for 10 minutes. 

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