BPI unit upbeat on auto loans

by Patrick Everett Tadeo | May 13, 2009
Improved access to financing schemes has allowed BPI Family Savings Bank to expand its loan portfolio despite the slowdown in the auto industry.

From January to April, BPI Family Savings Bank's auto loan portfolio has growth 2.6 percent versus the same period last year, bank senior vice president Dave Sarmiento said.

He added that the bank's growth target for the year is two percent.

"March and April have been our best months so far and we owe a big chunk of that to the Auto Madness event being held nationwide as well as the rising foreign remittances," Sarmiento said.

Ride your dream motorcycle

To further expand its market, BPI Family Savings Bank launched the Ride Your Dream Motorcycle Loan program.

"With the growing demand for motorcycles as a cheaper alternative means of transportation, we think it's about time a major bank like BFSB recognized it," Sarmiento said.

The first 100 riders who buy their new motorcycles through BPI Family Savings Bank's Ride Your Dream program get a special discount on road safety training at the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) in Taguig City.

The HSDC promotes road safety through trainings given to drivers, riders and students.

"With the network of BFSB, we can help spread HSDC's advocacy together," said HSDC general manager Arnel Doria.

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