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The new Jaguar I-Pace boasts faster charging times

Its range remains the same
PHOTO: Jaguar

Say hello to the facelifted Jaguar I-Pace. Mechanically speaking, it’s much the same as before, with a very respectable 470km of range from its 90kWh battery and 395hp for 0-60mph (97kph) in 4.5sec. Looks much the same, too.

But there are differences—chief among which is the new infotainment system. As seen on the Land Rover Defender, the ‘Pivi Pro’ system has a built-in eSIM so it’s always online, and promises faster startup and easier operation thanks to a beefier processor and more intuitive ‘flat’ menu structure.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard, but don’t write off Jaguar’s built-in nav without giving it a go. The company claims setting a destination involves half as many steps as it did before, and that self-learning algorithms and live traffic updates mean you’re always on the optimal route.

The voice guidance knows to shut up when you’re on roads you know, and the system can add charging stops as needed. It tells where charging stations are, how much they cost, whether they’re available, and how long a charge you’ll need. Over-the-air updates mean the map should always be up to date.

Elsewhere, the new I-Pace gets a rear-facing camera to support the standard rearview mirror, much like in the Evoque, and a filtration system for the cabin that “captures ultrafine particles” to “improve occupant health and well-being.”

The I-Pace can also make the most of 11kW home chargers, which you can only get if you have a three-phase electrical supply. With one of these boxes, the I-Pace can now charge at a rate of 53km per hour, compared to 35km per hour from a more common 7kW wallbox. A 100kW public charger can add 126km in 15 minutes.

Prices starting at £65,195 (P4.08 million). Is the I-Pace your electric SUV of choice? Click here to read our full review.

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PHOTO: Jaguar
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