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Ford pays homage to the first-ever GT40 prototype with the new GT Heritage Edition

It’s quite magnificent

Something else to go have a poke around if you’re in Northern California for Monterey Car Week, you lucky thing. It’s the Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition and it is… quite magnificent.

As its name suggests, this particular Ford GT pays tribute to the five original Ford GT prototypes, the first of which was revealed at the New York International Auto Show in 1964. The new car will be displayed at The Quail and Pebble Beach alongside GT/105, the fifth and final prototype. It’s the only one of the three remaining prototypes that still wears the original black and white livery, which Ford used as inspiration for this latest Heritage Edition.

You’ll remember the other Heritage Editions of the new GT. The ’66 Heritage Edition (27 built) celebrated the GT40 MkII that Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon raced at Le Mans in, erm, 1966. A year later, we got the ’67 Heritage Edition (39 built), which honored the GT40 MkIV that won Le Mans in 1967, then the ’68 Gulf Livery Heritage Edition (50 built), which paid tribute to the blue and orange GT40 Mk1 that won Le Mans in 1968.

The ’69 Gulf Livery Heritage Edition (50 built) drew inspiration from the Gulf-liveried GT40 that won Le Mans in 1969. Then, last year, Ford gave us the ’66 Daytona Heritage Edition (currently in production), which as its name suggests, pays tribute to a GT that won a race other than Le Mans.

We don’t know how many ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition GTs Ford is planning to build—only that it’s “available to order for approved Ford GT customers,” that production is scheduled to begin in January, and that it looks bloody marvelous.

The exterior is finished in ‘Wimbledon White’ with ‘Antimatter Blue’ graphics. The exposed carbon wheels are finished in the same exceptionally dark shade of blue, too. The white/blue/black theme is carried through to the GT’s interior, where everything is either exposed carbon or upholstered in either black or blue Alcantara or black leather.

Now, have a little scroll through the gallery below and let us know which Heritage Edition GT from the last few years is your favorite.

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