Ford teases upcoming performance sports car with this silhouette

To be unveiled on November 17
Nov 14, 2014
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ford teases its upcoming performance sports car

As if the Ford Mustang weren't impressive enough, the American carmaker has released a teaser video of what it calls its "new performance sports car" that it will launch soon.

The video below is actually the fourth of a five-part video series, with the fifth video to be released on November 17 and serving as the vehicle's launch platform.

Although Ford didn't reveal any specific spec of the car, we're given a close look at some of its mechanical and body works.

What do you think this new performance sports car is? Could it be a hardcore version of the Mustang, an all-new Ford GT, or maybe even an entirely new model? Whatever it is, we’ll find out next week. 


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