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This is Honda's Urban EV Concept. And we'll start with the good news that a version of this will appear in 2019. It's based on an all-new platform that should underpin other electric Hondas. The compact proportions mean it's only 100mm smaller than a Jazz.

Anyone else see more than a wee hint of Mk1 Golf in those cute little flanks? A wee hint of Mk1 Golf is a good thing. In fact, the minimalist, stylish design is refreshingly simple, with tiny overhangs and lots of glass.

The doors are rear-hinged, like a Rolls-Royce. We suspect production versions might ditch this flourish. What it will have is the Honda badge backlit in blue—the spotter's first sign of a Honda EV from now on—and perhaps some of the status updates you can post in the area that would normally be a grille.

There are four seats inside, and Honda reckons on a 'lounge' feeling. There's a ginormous screen stretching right across the dashboard and one on each door, with cameras in lieu of wing mirrors. Well, it is a concept car.

Honda, we're sold. Please make it so.

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