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This armored Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the poshest way to keep VIPs safe in transit

We wonder what sitting in one of these in traffic is like
PHOTO: Klassen

If you’re even considering buying an armored vehicle, chances are you have bigger problems to worry about than staying comfortable while stuck in traffic. Perhaps assassinations or kidnappings?

That said, if someone’s willing to go to those kinds of lengths to get to you, then you probably have the means to cover that base as well. If this is the case, Klassen has a proposition you might be interested in.

Klassen VR6 Cullinan RCR_9001

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This is the Klassen VR6 Cullinan RCR_9001—arguably the poshest ride for VIPs looking to get from point A to B in one piece. It comes equipped with an armored shell that covers the floor and roof, blast-resistant doors, and armored glass. Its suspension system has been reinforced to accommodate the increase in weight, as well as to provide better balance and reduce body roll.

Passenger safety isn’t the only thing this vehicle has in mind, either. As with all Rolls-Royce offerings, it offers only the finest interior appointments. The cabin’s two-tone red and black color scheme fits perfectly with the exterior’s stealthy appearance. If that wasn’t enough, this thing’s wheelbase has been stretched by 350mm. Should provide a good amount of legroom for stretching in between ambushes, then.


Klassen says this beast comes with a V12 paired with an automatic gearbox, but adds it will only reveal exact performance figures via inquiries to its sales team. The same goes for how much these things cost.

Again, though, if something like this has somehow found itself on your shortlist, cost isn’t likely that big of an issue. Can you imagine yourself riding an armored car like the RCR_9001 on a regular basis? Let us know what you think it would be like in the comments.

Interior of the Klassen VR6 Cullinan RCR_9001

Driver's cockpit of the Klassen VR6 Cullinan RCR_9001

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PHOTO: Klassen
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