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Tuned Ford Mustangs are a dime-a-dozen. Any outrageous amount of power or eye-grabbing stripy color scheme is just a short phone call and bank transfer away.

But if your tuning needs are a little more specific–‘no more power, but eye-watering ride height’ specific–then only one company can sort you out.

Japan’s Liberty Walk has stepped up and added the Mustang to the list of cars it’s slammed to the floor and swelled the arches of. And then there’s the wheel camber.

The full bodykit comes to around £5,000 (around P342,016), which is–arguably–quite good value for the dramatic makeover it represents. All the parts can be bought separately, too. The air suspension, meanwhile, will set you back just shy of £6,000 (around P410,420). Presumably it lets you lift the Mustang’s belly over at least some speed bumps.

Those prices are for the current-gen Mustang, though we imagine the work can easily be applied to the recently unveiled 2018 ‘Stang.

It’s going to divide opinion, that’s for sure. We welcome yours below.

NOTE: This article first appeared on Minor edits have been made. 

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