Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - McLaren working on its most affordable supercar yet

While McLaren Automotive has made a name for itself with such supercars as the MP4-12C, the P1 and the more recent 650S, the British carmaker is still a long way from becoming an established manufacturer in the league of Ferrari and Porsche.

Well, the company plans to change that with the introduction of two models that it hopes will boost its vehicle production from 1,600 units in 2013 to 4,000 by 2016.

The first model is the P13, which it plans to launch in September 2015 with a price that’s around two-thirds of what the 650S supposedly costs now.

The second model is a track version of the P1, which, like the car it's based on, will also be sold in limited numbers.

McLaren Automotive chief executive Mike Flewitt also stressed that his company has no plans to broaden its model lineup beyond two-seater sports cars, so we shouldn't expect a four-door coupe or SUV anytime soon.

"For one thing, we do not have the technology or the platforms, and we want to stay true to our principles," Flewitt explained.

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