Meet 800hp Nissan Navara pickup with GT-R engine

Proof that anything is possible
by Stephen Dobie | Mar 31, 2016

Nissan Navara GT-R

This, boys and girls, is a Nissan Navara with a GT-R engine. It’s worth being blunt about that because--let’s face it--this is about as blunt as cars get.

It’s the work of Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), the Shropshire-based company that has previously shoehorned the GT-R’s gizzards into the body of a Qashqai, with 370kph as its loopy target.

Unlike that project, though, this one is very much in the conceptual stages. This is not a car (sorry, truck) that’s ready for sale. Rather, it’s a "look at what we can do" that ought to worm its way into the dreams of hurried builders everywhere.

This Navara-R comes tuned up to 800hp, but SVM is keen to stress you can have anything from the 550hp of a standard GT-R, right up to 1,500hp. You know, like a Bugatti Chiron...

SVM can transplant an engine tuned to your choosing straight into a Navara, accompanied by some appropriate chassis mods. Or, if your pockets are deeper, it’ll slot the pickup’s body over an entire R35 GT-R drivetrain, clever four-wheel-drive gubbins and driver-flattering tech and all.

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Given it’s a concept for now, SVM is open to all sorts. Want a manual gearbox? How about rear-wheel drive? If you bellowed yes to the latter, you’re very deficient in marbles, but it’s apparently doable.

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"Anything is possible," SVM’s Luke Anthony told us. "We are open to the craziest of ideas."

These include a modern-day version of the Pulsar GTI-R--taking the modern-day Pulsar hatchback from mediocrity to madness with a GT-R powerplant--and a homage to Transit Supervans of old, via a Nissan Primastar and, well, have a guess at which engine.

"We can produce these types of vehicles if we get the go-ahead for one from a customer," Anthony continued. The go-ahead, of course, has to include an appropriately sized payment.

So, let’s put you in the shoes of that customer. What would you like to boost with twin-turbo V6 power and Nurburgring-bashing electrickery?

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