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Nissan’s new special-edition GT-R pays tribute to Naomi Osaka

Japanese tennis ace is celebrated with 50 redecorated Godzillas
PHOTO: Nissan

This is a special-edition Nissan GT-R. It’s a tribute to Nissan’s latest brand ambassador, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka. She currently sits fifth in the world rankings and has helped come up with the color schemes of the car you see here.

Just 50 units will be made, with your choice of three exterior hues—purple, white, and black—which can be combined with one of three interior shades—tan, cream, and red. Purple ’n’ tan for us, please.

The Osaka GT-R also gets a new carbon spoiler and a golden model number plate in the engine bay. There are no tweaks to the engine or chassis, but that’s no bad thing. The combination of 562hp twin-turbo and ATTESA all-wheel drive is already pretty, um, ace. Sorry.

If you like what you see, though, it’s time to buy a plane ticket to Japan, because Osaka’s GT-R isn’t going to be sold outside of the country she hails from. Which isn’t so ace.

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PHOTO: Nissan
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