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The Opel Rocks-e could be the ultra-compact EV we need in Metro Manila

A fairly spacious two-seater with 75km of range

We aren’t big on electric vehicles here in the Philippines yet, let alone on those ultra-compact BEVs we keep seeing in other markets. But when we finally do see an influx of EVs here, we hope cars like the Opel Rocks-e are among them. 

The Rocks-e is Opel’s newest EV that “closes the gap between scooter and passenger car.” We can see how, since this car is merely 2.41m tall but has enough space inside for two people and boasts up to 63 liters of cargo space in the passenger footwell.

Apart from its quirky looks and practical interior, the Rocks-e also boasts a capable electric powertrain. The small urban runabout can reach speeds of up to 45kph and has a maximum range of 75km on one full charge—enough for navigating tight and traffic-riddled cities like Metro Manila. The 5.5kWh battery on this thing can fully recharge in 3.5 hours via a standard household socket.

“Our new Opel Rocks-e is uncompromising in every respect. The design is bold and pure, the dimensions are extremely compact. Our SUM drives purely on electricity and the price is unbeatable. The Rocks-e enables smart and functional electric mobility for everyone and will attract a lot of attention,” said Opel head of sales and marketing Stephen Norman. “Opel is simply ‘menschlich’ and approachable—the Rocks-e delivers further proof.”

So, do you think the Opel Rocks-e would prove useful in urban settings like ours?

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