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Midsize SUV styling poll

Whew! Is it just us or is the midsize SUV segment really burning right now from all the hot-looking new contenders? We're talking specifically about these three: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Fortuner.

In March, you will remember that we conducted a one-on-one poll between the Everest and the Fortuner, based on a Filipino industry executive's prediction that it would be "a slugfest" between the two SUVs. The result of that poll: 18,471 votes for the Fortuner and 16,536 votes for the Everest. Or 52.8% for the Fortuner and 47.2% for the Everest. It was a virtual slugfest indeed, at least according to our poll.

But we have to admit it was a rather haphazard survey, considering that official images of the Fortuner weren't available at the time. That and the fact that the poll completely ignored the presence of a third imminent force in the segment--the Montero Sport.

And now that all three midsize SUVs have been officially revealed to the world, everyone is in a much better position to decide--just judging by the trio's looks alone--which of these sport-utilities is the best design-wise. So allow us to conduct another poll, this time including the Montero Sport.

Take our poll below. And go easy on the comments.


Now that we've seen all the official images of the new contenders in the midsize SUV segment, which one is the best based on appearance alone?

Ford Everest

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Toyota Fortuner

Can't decide

All-new Ford Everest

All-new Mitsubishi Montero Sport

All-new Toyota Fortuner

Vernon B. Sarne
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