Styling poll: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport or Toyota Fortuner?

Now that all 3 SUVs have been revealed
by Vernon B. Sarne | Aug 2, 2015

Midsize SUV styling poll

Whew! Is it just us or is the midsize SUV segment really burning right now from all the hot-looking new contenders? We're talking specifically about these three: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Fortuner.

In March, you will remember that we conducted a one-on-one poll between the Everest and the Fortuner, based on a Filipino industry executive's prediction that it would be "a slugfest" between the two SUVs. The result of that poll: 18,471 votes for the Fortuner and 16,536 votes for the Everest. Or 52.8% for the Fortuner and 47.2% for the Everest. It was a virtual slugfest indeed, at least according to our poll.

But we have to admit it was a rather haphazard survey, considering that official images of the Fortuner weren't available at the time. That and the fact that the poll completely ignored the presence of a third imminent force in the segment--the Montero Sport.

And now that all three midsize SUVs have been officially revealed to the world, everyone is in a much better position to decide--just judging by the trio's looks alone--which of these sport-utilities is the best design-wise. So allow us to conduct another poll, this time including the Montero Sport.

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Take our poll below. And go easy on the comments.

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All-new Ford Everest

All-new Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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All-new Toyota Fortuner

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