The BMW M5 Competition Edition is tastefully hardcore

Packing 600hp under its hood
by Ollie Kew | Jul 25, 2016

The newest special-edition BMW is here. It’s called the M5 Competition Edition, and it develops 600hp. We’re quite sure the M5’s arrival just before AMG reveals the new 605hp E63 is just a "coincidence."

M Division geeks will know ‘Competition’ is BMW-speak for slightly powered-up, stiffer-sprung M cars wearing racier wheels and costing a chunk more than their standard M brethren. Recently, we tried the M3 Competition, and liked it a whole lot more than the regular, slightly wayward M3.

But only the most dedicated M Division disciples will spot that the M5 Competition Edition is really the M5 30 Jahre by another name. BMW built 300 30 Jahre M5s--all in matte gray--to celebrate three decades of the world’s most iconic fast four-door. Thanks to higher boost pressure within the bi-turbo 4.4-liter V8, power was bumped from the standard M5’s 552hp (and then the old Competition’s 572hp) to a staggering 600hp.

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Since the M5 went turbo, it has never wanted for torque, but BMW’s mods beefed that up, too, by 20Nm to a 700Nm total. Small wonder the two-ton birthday party could hit 100kph in 3.9 seconds, and would be capable of 322kph if delimited.

Predictably, the Jahre M5 sold like hotcakes, so it’s back again under the Competition Edition banner. Same standard-fit ceramic brakes. Same power, same 10mm lower, stiffer suspension, and familiar tweaks to the Active M differential and stability control. BMW says that this makes the M5 Comp “further aligned to sporty handling characteristics.” Wonder what that means?

Question is: Do you bag the world’s fastest super-sedan right now, or risk waiting to see how the new E63 compares?

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