Toyota gives Hilux body cladding, roof rails, roll bars and bed liner

Specifically the G variants
by | Mar 17, 2014

New Toyota Hilux

In the first two months of this year, the Ford Ranger outsold the Toyota Hilux, 1,056 units to 861. Which is understandable considering the former is a much newer model than the latter. But you have to understand, too, that Toyota Motor Philippines isn't used to coming in second. Whatever the circumstances may be, the Japanese carmaker will always look for a way to retake the lead.

Seeing that the all-new model for its popular pickup won't be arriving anytime soon, TMP is settling for the next best thing, which is to update the Hilux. Indeed, the company has quietly given its workhorse a set of upgrades that truck buyers will surely appreciate.

Jade Sison of TMP's marketing services department has shared with that the Hilux's top G variants are the recipients of the following additional items:

* Body cladding (4x2 and 4x4);
* Bed liner (4x4);
* Roof rails (4x2 and 4x4); and
* Roll bars (4x2 and 4x4)

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Hilux G variant buyers get the above package for just an additional P20,000. The 3.0 G AT 4x4, previously priced at P1,485,000, is now P1,505,000. The 3.0 G MT 4x4, which used to sell for P1,431,000, is now P1,451,000. The 2.5 G AT 4x2, formerly costing P1,196,000, is now P1,216,000, while the 2.5 G MT 4x2, erstwhile pegged at P1,142,000, now goes for P1,162,000.

The prices of the other Hilux variants have also been revised. The 2.5 E MT 4x2 (previously P987,000) is now P994,000, while the 2.5 J MT 4x2 (formerly P858,000) is now P865,000. The Cab & Chassis variant retains its selling price of P711,000.

So, do the above-mentioned items make the Hilux more attractive to you amid the presence of fresher competition in the pickup segment?

Photos by Igor Maminta


New Toyota Hilux

New Toyota Hilux

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