Toyota wants to make a lighter, more hard core Supra

It could weigh 100kg less
by Jack Rix | Sep 16, 2018

Exciting news. Gazoo Racing chief and father of the new 2019 Toyota Supra, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that a stripped-out, track-focused version is already part of his plan for the reborn sports car, co-developed with the new BMW Z4. Expect it to be called the Supra GRMN.

“At some point I would like to make a track-limited Supra with less weight. We’re already making a racing version so we know if you take out 100kg it’s a completely different car—you don’t even need any more power,” Tada told us. Question is, will it be road-legal or a track-only toy? “We’re investigating both avenues, there’s always a trade-off because being road-legal brings restrictions.”

Tada fleshed out the details on his desire to take the car racing, too. Toyota has already confirmed a Supra NASCAR will be competing in 2019, but that’s little more than a look-a-like nose grafted onto a stock car. Tada says the blossoming LM GTE category is being looked at—potentially pitting the Supra against the Ford GT, Ferrari 488, Aston Vantage, Porsche 911, and others.

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For the road car, the Supra’s targets are less lofty: “The Porsche Cayman has been our dynamic benchmark from the start,” says Tada. “The Cayman has the advantage with its engine positioning but I’ve driven the cars back-to-back on track and we’re definitely in the same zone.”

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