Europe to get refreshed Nissan X-Trail

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Aug 4, 2010

While the local market is seemingly bored with the "old looks" of the all-new Nissan X-Trail launched here in June (see comments here), the European market is already looking forward to a refreshed version of the sport-utility vehicle.

Set to be released in Europe next month, the Nissan X-Trail carries a redesigned front, with the most noticeable difference lying on the vehicle's headlight and bumper assembly.

"The lights are sleeker and more technical in appearance, with either Xenon or halogen projectors (depending on grade) for the main lights, halogen parabole for the high beam," Nissan said in a statement released yesterday. "The turn signals remain integrated in the assembly above the headlights. On mid- and high-grade models, the background is painted black and, on the entry grades, silver. Fog lamps are mounted below the headlights, recessed in the bumper."

Nissan also updated the X-Trail's vertical lamps at the rear, which now comes with LED lights for better visibility.

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Recent changes in the Nissan X-Trail for Europe increased the SUV's overall length, width and height by 10 millimeters, the Japanese carmaker said.

The Euro-spec'd Nissan X-Trail comes with a computer screen which can display a low-oil warning, service and tire maintenance reminders among other usual information like the low-fuel warning, open doors, and parking brake.

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The X-Trail also comes with a rearview camera display on the vehicle's central ceiling-mounted mirror. The display includes distance markings to help the driver see objects behind the SUV.

Dare to compare? See the difference between the new Nissan X-Trail launched in the Philippines and the X-Trail geared for Europe. For more photos of the Euro-spec'd X-Trail, see the gallery below. Philippine Car News - Nissan X-Trail in the Philippines

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