Goodyear creates self-inflating tire

Beat that, run-flat tires!
Aug 20, 2011 Philippine Car News - Goodyear creates self-inflating tireGoodyear is reportedly developing a self-inflating tire, which means even those who don't use expensive run-flat tires can have the peace of mind.

According to, Goodyear has dubbed the system as Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) and it works by incorporating a miniaturized pump within the tire to keep in inflated to its proper pressure at all times.

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"While the technology is complex, the idea behind the AMT system is relatively simple and powered by the tire, itself, as it rolls down the road," Jean-Claude Kihn, Goodyear senior vice president and chief technical officer reportedly said in a statement.

Although the tire manufacturer didn't disclose when it will offer the self-inflating tire available in the market, it did say that its launch timetable will be faster than it initially expected as a result of recent government research grants it has received from the United States and the European Union.

The US Department of Energy's Office of Vehicle Technology recently awarded a $1.5-million grant for the research, development and demonstration of the AMT system for commercial truck tires.

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