You can see your favorite Hondas at Trinoma this week

There are down payment promos and discounts as well
by Dinzo Tabamo | Sep 22, 2018
PHOTO: Honda Cars Philippines

Traffic has gotten so bad, even during weekends, that we find it difficult to go to car dealerships anymore to look at new vehicles. We say this based on the regular sight of new car models being displayed in shopping malls, with sales agents ready to hand you that photocopied price list. And judging by the amount of people looking and ogling the car displays, the marketing strategy seems to work. 

One brand you will surely see inside one of the biggest malls this week is Honda. From today until September 27, 2018, shoppers can look at the City Sport, BR-V Touring, CR-V diesel and Civic 1.8 E at the Ayala property, at an event called the Honda Auto Expo. As is the case sometimes, there are bargains offered during the week-long event. 

The City can be had with a down payment of P17,000, the BR-V for P31,000, the CR-V for P80,000, and the Civic for P80,000. There are also cash discounts of P50,000 for both City and BR-V, P30,000 for the CR-V, and P10,000 for the Civic. For more details we're sure the people at the expo can answer all your queries. 

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PHOTO: Honda Cars Philippines
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