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ACDelco says consumers can expect more product innovations in the near future

The company continues to expand
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When someone mentions the longest-running names in the automotive industry, what are the first few to come to mind? Toyota pops up, having been founded in the 1930s, and the same goes for Nissan.

Naturally, car manufacturers are the first brands you think of. ACDelco, though, has been in the game quite a while—albeit behind the scenes offering automotive services and parts. How long? Try over a hundred years, if you count the company’s time as a member of General Motors’ parts and services division.

How has ACDelco maintained its presence this long? Well, for one thing, the company ensures its parts are reliable. Just as importantly is that the brand makes its offerings easily accessible.

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In a statement, Dicken Wong, vice president of local ACDelco distributor Thunder Automotive Parts, said the company has no plans of taking its foot off the pedal. According to him, consumers can expect more innovations in the near future.

“The ACDelco product line has truly grown over the years. From spark plugs, it now encompasses a wide range of maintenance and replacement parts that offer confidence and peace of mind, catering to just about every automotive nameplate,” Wong said.

“And the brand is committed to its dealer and distributor partners and the motoring public who can expect numerous innovations to meet just about every automotive need in the years to come.”

Have you ever relied on ACDelco for your automotive needs? Tell us about your experience with its products is in the comments.

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PHOTO: ACdelco
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