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Falken launches new street-legal high-performance tires in PH

For when regular tires won’t cut it
PHOTO: JM Far East

Experienced drivers will tell you that driving onto a track with proper high-performance tires can make a world of difference in how a car handles. That said, serious enthusiasts are willing to spend a considerable extra on more durable tires that provide even better traction.

If you’re looking for such a set, you’ll be pleased to know that Falken has launched its latest street-legal track tires in the Philippine market: the Azenis RT615k+ and the Azenis RT660.

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The Azenis RT615k+, Falken says, provides improved handling and stability at high speeds, as well as better traction and extended tread life off the track. It’s based on the original competition-grade RT615K.

Meanwhile, the Azenis RT660 is a more track-oriented tire that features a rigid new build, supposedly resulting in better steering response and stability. As with the RT615k+, Falken also claims this tire offers more durability.

And as mentioned, both tire products are completely street-legal. This means track enthusiasts can skip the chore of swapping their regular rubbers for high-performance once before runs.

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To show off the new tires’ capability, local Falken distributor JM Far East enlisted the aid of former Toyota Vios Cup and Formula V1 champ Luis Gono to try them out at the Clark International Speedway. The result? Gono posted a lap time of 2min 8.267sec—a new personal best using his Toyota GR Yaris.

Have you tried driving on high-performance tires? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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PHOTO: JM Far East
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