Ford PH is adjusting its scheduled maintenance service costs

As part of a five-year long package
by Jason Tulio | Mar 23, 2018

When it comes to car brands, reputation goes a long way. What’s discussed by word of mouth, in a car forum, or on social media can oftentimes make or break a carmaker’s bottom line. Ford Philippines, for example, has (and continues to) suffer from backlash against its after-sales service and spare parts availability. Not convinced? Check the comments of any online story about a Ford vehicle. 

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It mightn’t seem like it if you have your own Ford dealership horror story, but the American carmaker has been listening to your woes. Ford Philippines managing director Bertrand Lessard and customer service director Erroll Duenas recently gave us an update on the progress they’ve made regarding these issues.

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Starting April, Ford is adjusting the costs of its scheduled maintenance service inclusive of parts and labor. The goal, it says, is to realign its competitive position in the market and provide the customers a better offer when it comes to their scheduled maintenance. 

The new adjustments will maintain the current schedule of maintenance visits to every six months or 10,000km. On average, the current five-year cost of maintenance for a Ford vehicle is nearly P120,000. Under the new program, this figure will be reduced to just under P100,000.

The average cost of maintaining a Ranger will improve by 15%, while the Everest’s will go down by 18%. The EcoSport’s maintenance costs, meanwhile, will improve by 20%. Right now, the adjustments only apply to these three models (MY 2012 and younger). The rest of the lineup's maintenance costs will be adjusted in the future. The new prices will be implemented at Ford dealerships nationwide--meaning you won't need to always go to your local dealership for your service.

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Lessard says that these adjustments are a protection plan against any possible price increases. It's offered to customers as an all-in-one package as Ford's Scheduled Service Plan, which they can avail over the next five years, with no further need to pay. The package will cost the same regardless of which dealership you purchase it from. 

Included in this package are: fully synthetic engine oil (backwards-compatible), oil filter, engine air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, spark plugs, and gasket drain plug. Lessard noted that brake pads aren’t included in the services because their stages of wear can vary greatly depending on use.

As far as parts availability goes, Lessard says that they try to maintain a realistic inventory based on customer and dealer demand. Their goal, naturally, is to be timely with deliveries. Given that the parts are shipped by boat, however, Lessard says they're sometimes at the mercy of the weather.

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To you Ford owners out there, do you see this news as a sigh of relief? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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