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Fuel alert: PH gas prices to go down by P2.30/L, diesel by P1.85/L this week

A good start to the new quarter
fuel-price hike, fuel-price rollback
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Fuel prices have continued to fluctuate over the past few weeks. After the last major price hike, a fuel-price rollback is now set to take effect.

According to the latest advisory from Cleanfuel, gasoline prices in the Philippines will go down by P2.30 per liter and diesel prices by P1.85 per liter on April 5, 2022. If you’ve yet to gas up, you might want to wait until tomorrow.

Fuel-price rollback for April 5, 2022

9 Fuel-saving tips for motorists amid rising pump prices

This week’s price cuts won’t make that big of a dent considering how pump prices have skyrocketed over the past month or so, but this is still a decent start to the new quarter. Now, while other fuel companies have yet to make their respective announcements, we can expect them to make the same adjustments come tomorrow.

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PHOTO: Kym McLeod/Freeimages
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