Honda PH recalling 2014 City and 2015 Jazz units due to ECU problem

by Drei Laurel | Dec 11, 2015

Honda recall

Honda Cars Philippines has announced that select units of the 2014 City and the 2015 Jazz may be experiencing problems with their electronic control units (ECU). The company says that the problem was discovered during an evaluation of the vehicles.

The evaluation found that the cars' current ECU software is causing high stress to the drive pulley shaft inside the CVT transmission. HCPI added that if ECU units are not updated immediately, the drive pulley shaft may break and cause serious problems to the vehicle.

While no accidents or injuries related to the issue have been reported, the carmaker is asking all owners of the affected units to bring their vehicles in for an update to the ECU. The update should take roughly an hour, and owners may set an appointment with the nearest Honda dealership or service center.

Just last August and September we reported that Honda was recalling cars as part of a preventive measure regarding defective airbags. Those issues affected tens of thousands of vehicles. This new ECU problem with the City and the Jazz affects 2,431 units. Take a look at the table below to see if your car is affected.

Model Model year Frame number No. of units
From To
City 2014  PADGM6620 EV000001   PADGM6620 EV000544  544
PADGM6620 EV000546   1
PADGM6620 EV000548   1
PADGM6620 EV000550 PADGM6620 EV000552 3
PADGM6620 EV000554 PADGM6620 EV000555 2
PADGM6620 EV000557 PADGM6620 EV000562 6
PADGM6620 EV000565   1
PADGM6620 EV000567   1
PADGM6620 EV000569 PADGM6620 EV000572 4
PADGM6620 EV000574   1
PADGM6620 EV000577   1
PADGM6620 EV000580   1
PADGM6620 EV000582   1
PADGM6620 EV000588   1
PADGM6620 EV000597 PADGM6620 EV000598 2
PADGM6620 EV000673   1
PADGM6620 EV000675 PADGM6620 EV000676 2
PADGM6620 EV000679   1
PADGM6620 EV000683 PADGM6620 EV000686 4
PADGM6620 EV001540   1
PADGM6620 EV001545 PADGM6620 EV001546 2
PADGM6620 EV001553 PADGM6620 EV001554 2
PADGM6620 EV001559   1
PADGM6620 EV001651   1
PADGM6620 EV001667   1
PADGM6630 EV000001 PADGM6630 EV000464 464
PADGM6630 EV000466 PADGM6630 EV001242 777
PADGM6630 EV001244 PADGM6630 EV001260 17
PADGM6630 EV001326 PADGM6630 EV001326 1
PADGM6630 EV001341 PADGM6630 EV001341 1
PADGM6630 EV001411 PADGM6630 EV001411 1
PADGM6630 EV001418 PADGM6630 EV001418 1
PADGM6630 EV001421 PADGM6630 EV001422 2
PADGM6630 EV001427 PADGM6630 EV001428 2
PADGM6630 EV001438   1
PADGM6630 EV001440 PADGM6630 EV001441 2
PADGM6630 EV001444   1
PADGM6630 EV001446   1
PADGM6630 EV001449 PADGM6630 EV001451 3
PADGM6630 EV001456   1
PADGM6630 EV001484   1
PADGM6630 EV001488   1
PADGM6630 EV001499   1
PADGM6630 EV001501 PADGM6630 EV001504 4
PADGM6630 EV001508   1
PADGM6630 EV001510 PADGM6630 EV001511 2
PADGM6630 EV001513 PADGM6630 EV001514 2
PADGM6630 EV001518 PADGM6630 EV001519 2
PADGM6630 EV001521   1
PADGM6630 EV001524 PADGM6630 EV001526 3
PADGM6630 EV001528   1
PADGM6630 EV001762   1
PADGM6630 EV001779   1
PADGM6630 EV001791   1
PADGM6630 EV001795 PADGM6630 EV001797 3
PADGM6630 EV002829   1
PADGM6630 EV002836   1
PADGM6630 EV002888   1
PADGM6630 EV002892   1
PADGM6630 EV003956   1
PADGM6630 EV003996   1
PADGM6630 EV004000 PADGM6630 EV004001 2
PADGM6630 EV004018   1
PADGM6630 EV004020   1
PADGM6630 EV004022   1
PADGM6630 EV004027   1
PADGM6630 EV004031   1
PADGM6630 EV004034   1
PADGM6630 EV004036 PADGM6630 EV004038 3
PADGM6630 EV004040 PADGM6630 EV004041 2
PADGM6630 EV004044 PADGM6630 EV004046 3
PADGM6630 EV004050   1
PADGM6630 EV004076   1
PADGM6630 EV004083   1
PADGM6630 EV004222   1
PADGM6640 EV000001 PADGM6640 EV000240 240
PADGM6640 EV000444   1
Jazz 2015 MRHGK5830 FP000003 MRHGK5830 FP000092 90
MRHGK5850 FP000008 MRHGK5850 FP000187 180
MRHGK5850 FP000223 MRHGK5850 FP000225 3
MRHGK5850 FP000235 MRHGK5850 FP000236 2
MRHGK5850 FP000238   1
MRHGK5850 FP000244   1
MRHGK5850 FP000278   1
      TOTAL 2,431

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