Isuzu, Cummins announce long-term powertrain partnership

How does an electric Isuzu sound to you?
by Drei Laurel | Oct 8, 2018
PHOTO: Ian Magbanua

Two of the biggest names in diesel have just announced a new, long-term partnership. This time, they're looking outside of traditional oil-burners, too. Isuzu and Cummins are collaborating to tackle a "once-in-a-century innovation" head-on: the diversification of powertrains.

In a statement, the two companies implied that they will be working together to expand their offerings. This includes coming up with next-generation diesel engines and electrification.

Yes, we know there's an elephant in the room: Why even mention diesels in the age of emissions scandals and electric vehicles? Well, the two companies say the abovementioned next-gen powertrains will be cleaner, and that oil-burners still enjoy widespread use in the commercial and industrial sectors.

"In such era, diesel engines remain and continue to grow as a promising technology for various purpose usages in the commercial-vehicle and industrial fields, in developed countries where power sources are used for high-intensity operation as well as in emerging countries where social infrastructure conditions are severe," Isuzu says.

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"Both companies believe, utilizing technical strengths and know-how in the global market, the collaboration to enhance competitiveness and to improve engineering efficiency of the future power-source could help each company grow their business."

Makes sense. We doubt we'll be seeing an unprecedented influx of electric cars in the Philippines any time soon. Still, we're looking forward to the day. How does an electric-powered Isuzu pickup truck sound to you?

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PHOTO: Ian Magbanua
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