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These electric shuttle buses come with WiFi and can travel 100km on a single charge

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PHOTO: First Balfour

A lot of vehicles are being passed off as ‘next-generation‘ or ‘modernized’ PUVs these days. They’re supposedly greener, despite still running on traditional combustion engines.

This one, though, shows promise. This is a Comet shuttle bus, and some Lopez Group companies under First Philippine Holdings Corporation are now trying to incorporate it into some of their operations.

The Comet shuttle bus is a legitimate zero-emission vehicle, as it runs on 100% electricity and can hit 100km on a single charge. What’s more, it has a 30-passenger capacity, features a very futuristic design, and comes with conveniences like built-in WiFi, GPS devices, and its own contact tracing app.

Therma One Transport Corporation (TOTC), an FPH subsidiary, will receive two Comet units and will provide a shuttle service to employees of First Philec Inc. in First Philippine Industrial Park, a Lopez-owned special economic zone in Batangas.

“We have been integrating sustainability in our businesses and in how we operate. We have been looking at investing in electric vehicles for service vehicles for some time now,” TOTC President Anthony Fernandez said in a statement, adding that the company plans to implement non-polluting transport projects at sites where they will be suitable.

These Comet units are scheduled to be delivered in October 2021. While the application of the units mentioned above is limited to a private capacity, we can definitely see how these vehicles would appeal to the country’s commuting public. What do you think of these shuttles?

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PHOTO: First Balfour
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