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Lotus’ new division will be building the brand’s “most exciting and exclusive” cars

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PHOTO: Lotus

Lotus has announced a new part of its business that’ll deal with some very, very special machinery. It is called Lotus Advanced Performance (LAP), and its purpose is to bring super exclusive and really very cool things into life.

Just look at that wing. That’s direct from Lotus Design—a wing that hints at “an exciting future project”. Which looks to be, well, your guess is as good as ours. Cartoon ’70s F1 car? Real-life Hot Wheels?

Indeed, there’ll be a few ‘exciting future projects.’ LAP wants to do ‘halo’ cars—cars that will apparently “expand the Lotus portfolio in exciting new directions”—limited editions (exclusive versions of existing cars), and custom work via its bespoke service.

There’s other stuff available too, like factory tours, a driving academy (that’ll be popular), motorsport support and of course, lots of Lotus merch. Boss of this new division is Simon Lane; he used to run Aston Martin’s Q service so knows a thing or two about custom and experiential things.

“We are going to build the most exciting and exclusive Lotus cars, embracing our exciting, electrified future while also honoring our illustrious past,” Lane said.

Our bewinged friend in the sole image above is clearly the latter. Very cool indeed. Feel free to speculate wildly what it might be...

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PHOTO: Lotus
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