Manufacturer of Monster Jam tires tells us how much its rubber products cost

Are you familiar with BKT?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 30, 2015

BKT tires

If you watched Monster Jam at Mall of Asia Arena, you must have noticed that imposing tire--taller than many guys who approached it--at the lobby. That tire was by BKT, a tire manufacturer based in Mumbai, India, which specializes in "off-highway tires." As such, they don't have products for passenger cars or regular commercial vehicles.

The humongous tire on display was for a mining truck, although BKT also makes tires for other agricultural and industrial tractor vehicles. If you're one of those car owners who complain about expensive tires every time you need to change yours, you might want to know how much BKT tires cost so you'd feel a little better. We asked the BKT salespeople manning the booth and they told us that the one tire shown there sold for P300,000--per piece. Damn! Can you imagine forking out P1.2 million--P1.8 million if your truck has six wheels--just for a set of tires? We suppose that's why the stuff mining trucks unearth is worth a fortune.

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We were also told that the Monster Jam tires are not commercially available. Of course, why would they be? Where would you put those gigantic tires? According to the BKT peeps, the Indian tiremaker produces those tires specifically for Monster Jam.

Well, if you're such a big fan of Monster Jam and are thinking of putting together a similar car-crushing truck, we guess you could inquire with BKT if sourcing some rubber is possible. Maybe it can be arranged. In the meantime, just feel good your sedan only requires P20,000-per-set tires.

Main photo by Vernon B. Sarne


BKT tires

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