President of Volkswagen distributor reveals his dream VW car

Can you guess the car?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Aug 8, 2013


Today, we met Automobile Central Enterprise president and CEO John Philip Orbeta for the first time. ACE is the new distributor of Volkswagen in the Philippines. Orbeta seems to be a nice, jolly fellow, and should prove ideal for a rebuilding brand. A product of Ateneo de Manila University, he is concurrently the chairman and president of Ayala Automotive Holdings, which has interests related to other car brands like Honda and Isuzu.

We asked him if he had ever owned a Volkswagen before.

\"Well, our family used to have a Beetle when I was a kid,\" the executive told \"And two of my uncles had a Karmann Ghia and a Brasilia.\"

So, now that he\'s in charge of the VW brand in the country, what will be his very first Volkswagen car?

\"I think I\'ll get a Touareg,\" he answered.

And if he could pick any model from Volkswagen\'s global stable, which one would it be?

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\"The Scirocco R,\" came his quick and sure reply.

Any chance we\'ll get it here?

\"We don\'t know yet,\" he said. \"We\'ll see.\"

Can we see a show of hands if you\'re in favor of ACE bringing in the Scirocco?

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Photo by Vernon B. Sarne

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