Seaoil fuel products will now have STP additives at no extra cost

Does this make the petroleum brand more appealing?
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Oct 24, 2013


Seaoil Philippines, the country\'s largest independent petroleum company, has partnered with STP, one of the world\'s leading brands of automotive lubricants, by adding the latter\'s premium additives to its product offerings.

\"STP is very proud to be working with Seaoil here in the Philippines,\" said Armored Auto Group vice president of strategic marketing and business development Jonathan Paluga. Armored Auto Group is the owner of the STP brand. \"Seaoil is the leading and largest independent fuel company in the Philippines and has been a leader in innovation throughout its 35-year history. We couldn\'t think of a better partner.\"

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The STP-enhanced Seaoil fuels are now available at all the petroleum company\'s service stations nationwide at no extra cost to customers.

With the STP-enhanced fuels, Seaoil Philippines believes that its share in the local petroleum market will rise from 4% to 12% within the next three years.

\"Seaoil fuels are on their own, top of the line,\" shared Seaoil Philippines president and chief executive Francis Glenn Yu. \"Our gasoline products--Extreme 97, Extreme 95 and Extreme U--and our diesel Exceed are formulated with proprietary friction-busting formula that significantly improves engine performance. These are further reinforced with STP additives\' superior capability to remove and control carbon deposits in different areas of the engine. These two features combined deliver racer-sharp engine performance.\"

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