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Subaru Challenge Cebu leg winner

After 10 hours and 40 minutes, 24-year-old Joberth Estrera was the only one left holding on to the car, making him the winner of the first-ever Cebu leg of the Subaru Challenge after he outlasted 106 rivals. Estrera, a resident of Barangay Pardo in Cebu City, won P10,000 in cash and, more importantly, a coveted slot in the regional final round in Singapore, where he will try to win a brand-new Subaru Impreza sedan.

Joberth, who was assigned hand slot No. 50 for the challenge, works as a kitchen crew member at KFC. He didn't tell his family or his employers about the contest. In fact, when we spoke to him after his victory, he said he was still going to the fast-food restaurant to report for duty.

Did he really expect to win?

"I just wanted to give it a try," he told "I just learned about the challenge the day before. My coworkers and I just wanted to give it a try." There were 12 KFC employees who joined this Subaru Challenge leg.

And what would Joberth do to the Impreza grand prize should he win it all in Singapore?

"If I can afford it, I'd like to keep it," he said. "I know how to drive but I've only ever owned a motorcycle. It would be nice to have that car."

Joberth will join one winner from the Davao leg (August 17), one winner from the Pampanga leg (August 24) and seven winners from the Manila leg (September 7) in the Singapore final round.

Photos by Vernon B. Sarne


Subaru Challenge Cebu leg winner

Subaru Challenge Cebu leg winner

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