Top 7 automotive jobs in the future as predicted by GM

What are these?
by Gerard Jude Castillo | May 8, 2015

GM top 7 jobs

Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars or living the life of a hermit, you’re probably aware that high-tech is in. Homes and gadgets are now interconnected, not to mention refrigerators allowing you to surf the Internet while deciding on what to cook for dinner. And let’s not forget cars with the IQ of a genius rolling out of the factory.

While all this technology is great for making our daily lives a lot easier and safer (at least that’s the goal), there is a downside: It becomes more tedious to repair such high-tech circuitry once it breaks down. Gone are the days when you could bring your jalopy to your friendly talyer for some TLC. Even a simple tune-up requires a laptop and some rocket science.

Don’t fret, though, as all is not lost. In fact, all these computers and electronics could just spell a bright future for the next generation. This is what General Motors thinks as it foresees the jobs that might be up for grabs somewhere down the line. Wonder what they are?

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1. Web designers and developers - If you think that these jobs already exist, well, the good news is that they’re here to stay. With cars increasingly becoming connected to an electronic network, this means that more web apps and vehicle-friendly online interfaces will be in demand.

2. Customer care experts - If you’re a call center agent, you might be happy to know that your future is secure. Thanks to more cars being equipped with Emergency Call Devices (eCall devices), not to mention concierge and other similar help systems, having someone to assist motorists who just need to figure out how to connect their iPhone, will definitely be part of the auto industry.

3. Interaction designers - Just like graphic designers, these guys and gals can help make all the computer and gadget interfaces simpler and cooler-looking at the same time.

4. Analytics experts - Road maps, traffic reports, vehicle breakdowns--these are just some of the data that come out of all the gadgets and GPS devices we use. But how can gathering all the data help in improving traffic, road safety, and vehicle performance? This is where these guys come into play. They can help analyze and put all the info to good use.

5. Electrical engineers - While this is another job that isn’t new, what the future holds is the chance to tinker with the electric vehicles that are being developed.

6. Alternative propulsion engineers - Sure, it sounds just a tad too geeky, but think about it: With hydrogen, electric, and other alternative fuel sources on the rise, figuring out what the best source is and how it would work will definitely be in demand.

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7. Sustainability integration experts - To ensure that all this isn’t just some Jetsons-type fascination, these folks will help ensure that there will be newer versions of gadgets and cool cars down the line. Using one’s imagination for the greater good is the key here.

So you think you have what it takes to become any of these professionals? Who knows? Your dream job might just be the next big thing.


GM top 7 jobs

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