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We still remember when Toyota Motor Philippines broke the 100,000-unit barrier in 2014, and how remarkable that figure seemed at the time. Well, in just two years TMP increased that number by 50%.

Last year the Japanese carmaker sold 158,058 units, and playing with our calculator we computed that it sold no less than 432 vehicles a day—up from 341 cars/day in 2015.

Here’s the breakdown of the units and what their difference is compared to 2015:

Yaris – 1,645 (+16%)

Wigo – 18,430 (+37%)

Vios – 36,256 (+9%)

Prius – 1 (-50%)

Prius C – 0 (from 3 units)

Corolla Altis – 4,154 (-11%)

86 – 142 (-25%)

Camry – 414 (-41%)

Avanza – 13,466 (+59%)

Innova – 18,137 (+7%)

RAV4 – 1,005 (+62%)

Fortuner – 28,549 (+82%)

Land Cruiser* - 1,303 (50%)

FJ Cruiser – 1,471 (-32%)

Hilux – 12,405 (+42%)

Hiace – 19,913 (+19%)

Alphard – 643 (+45%)

Previa – 10 (-68%)

Coaster – 114 (+46%)

*both LC200 and Prado models

Whew. So based on those digits, here are our observations.

  • You guys really love the Fortuner huh. It grew by an astonishing 82% from sales of 15,678 in 2015.
  • The Vios continues to be the cash cow. A growth of 9% may not seem like much, but when you’re moving at least 3,000 units a month it’s hard to make headway from there.
  • The RAV4 posted an increase of 62%. Does that mean the market prefers the refreshed look compared to its predecessor? We’re inclined to think so.
  • Sales of the FJ Cruiser and the 86 slowed down a little. Being niche models, this is kind of expected. 
  • The high price tags of the Land Cruisers and Alphards don’t seem to have deterred their target market. They posted growth figures of 50% and 45% respectively.
  • Innova sales seem to be holding steady, with a minimal 7% increase despite an all-new body. This means it either has a very loyal market who aren’t deterred by a daring new look, or new customers went to the Fortuner in droves. The Hilux—another new IMV entry—certainly got its fair share of new owners. 
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