Why Caltex sells just 3 kinds of fuel

The answer, apparently, is simple
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Oct 19, 2013


Have you ever wondered why Caltex only offers three kinds of fuels—Gold 95, Silver 91 and Diesel with Techron--while its competitors, specifically Shell and Petron, offer a whole lot more? The answer, apparently, is simple.

\"We only carry what the market needs,\" said Chevron Philippines country chairman Peter Morris matter-of-factly when he was asked the question at the opening of the first Caltex-Bosch Car Service workshop yesterday. Chevron Philippines is the company behind the Caltex brand.

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Asked if Caltex will ever add more fuel varieties to its product lineup, Morris added that it will happen only if there\'s a need for it.

So, it seems Caltex is targeting the mass-market cars and leaving the high-performance cars and those that need 91-octane fuel to the other two of the so-called big three players in the local petroleum industry (or rather, the only fuel companies that still have refineries in the country).

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